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Rules & Regulations



Forum Rules & Regulations

The Nature and Form of Discussion

– This forum is only for serious and result-oriented discussion. Therefore, any discourse or behavior that is not in line with this end will be considered violative.

Discussions will be moderated so as to keep them on the right track. The moderators will be doing their best to remain analytic and impartial. However, any person noticing any impropriety is welcome to point out.

– Discussions will be happening between the participating members, and the administration and the moderators will not be a party to it unless the discussion is on our materials such as our articles, FAQ, etc. However, anyone of us on personal discretion can participate in a discussion. In that case, someone else from us will moderate the discussion.

– This forum does not include “ask a question” option from us on an Islamic position.

Who Can Participate?

Any Muslim or non-Muslim is welcome. No registration is required.

For Starting a New Thread

– The person starting a new thread must check the archive. The same topic and point(s) cannot be discussed time after time. However, if it is pointed out that a significant point was missed or not dealt with judiciously in the former discussion(s), it will be ok to start a new thread on it.

– The subject of discussion must be a religious (not political) issue of our time. However, any of our materials on this website can be criticized or given suggestion to; therefore, can be brought into discussion in the forum.

General Responsibilities of All Participants

– to provide the same name one goes by among one’s social contacts, though the legal name is not required.

– to provide a correct and in-use email address.

– to say things clearly, and with due evidence and arguments.

– to not throw many points at a time but to go point by point. Bringing too many supports altogether overwhelms the other party, making him or them unable to respond in the regular time-frame.

– to remain committed to the topic and the point; and to avoid derailing or changing it, or going to unnecessary tangents.

– to answer the questions that would come on your statement(s), or show that the raised question is irrelevant or immaterial. No ducking or dodging is allowed because in that case result-oriented discussion cannot happen.

False accusing, abusing, threatening, inciting to violence, using foul language, making fun, and the like are prohibited.

Blunt, harsh criticisms are ok because many people have strong temperaments. However, such comments must have evident supports; otherwise such a remark would be considered a false allegation or abuse.

The Consequence of Violating the Rule(s)

– A person apparently violating the rules(s) will be given open opportunity to defend, redress, or apologize. Failing may prompt banning from participating in the forum. However, he or she will still be able to view all materials on this website.

Privacy Policy

– Your provided email address will not be shared with any third party.

Change in Forum Rules

– Rules to this list may be added or changed as new problems are encountered which the administration cannot foresee now.